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Canadian Blower Duct Fans

Canada Blower Duct Fans have been designed for low-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications where space is at a premium. Uses include heat, smoke and fume removal, process drying with ambient or preheated air; comfort and process cooling and general ventilation. All ventilation applications can be handled in either supply or exhaust ventilator configurations.

Numerous fan modifications and accessories make the Duct Fan suitable for a wide range of systems. In ventilation applications where equipment space is at a premium, the compact flow-through design of the Duct Fan can reduce system space requirements by more than 50% over conventional centrifugal fans. The straight, in-line design eliminates the need for costly, space-consuming transitions, elbows, and inlet boxes.

Additional HVAC application advantages and installed cost savings are provided by the Duct Fan’s five predesigned ventilator mounting fan arrangements. Canada Blower Duct Fans also utilize the same blower housing and flange dimensions as the Tubeaxial and Vaneaxial Fan lines allowing interchangeability due to system redesign or process modification.

Duct Fans offer steel wheels in all sizes. Each fan wheel is designed to maximize fan performance by optimizing the shape, number and pitch of blades with hub diameters. Two distinct wheel concepts are used to meet specific volume and pressure requirements across the entire line of 12 sizes. Each Canada Blower fan wheel is designed to provide smooth airflow performance, minimizing the characteristic stall region typically exhibited in axial ventilator designs.

HEAT FAN CONSTRUCTION: Duct Fans, with heat-fan construction, are ideal for industrial oven and dryer exhaust systems where pressure requirements are minimal and compact, light-weight designs are advantageous. With heat fan construction, Duct Fans are capable of handling airstream temperatures to 350°F in ambient environments up to 120°F. For higher temperature applications, the Duct Fan, with heat-fan construction, induces a flow of cooler, ambient air through the belt well and inner tube, cooling the fan's internal components. Depending on temperature requirements, modifications include high-temperature fan wheel, special drive components, and modifications to provide internal ambient air cooling. Fans handling hot airstreams must have sufficient airflow and be kept in operation until airstream temperatures cool below 120°F to prevent damage to the fan unit. The Duct Fan's ambient air cooling system is only effective while the fan is operating.

Canadian Blower and Forge Duct TubeAxial and VaneAxial Fans for variable volume air handling applications utilize adjustable pitch high efficiency aerofoil aluminum propellers to provide optimum performance. Buffalo Type VPS Adjustax Fans have an internal blade pitch adjustment, which allows to bring variable air volume capability for air conditioning fans, heating and ventilating applications.

Clamshell Design Vaneaxial Fans are used primarily in applications where ready access to the interior of the fan is desired. The entire bearing assembly can be removed quickly and easily from the fan, without removing the fan from the stack. Heavy duty pillow block anti-friction bearings with split inner cylinder are standard. Clamshell design vaneaxial fans are avaiable with steel wheels and aluminum wheels.

Spray Booth Design Vaneaxial Fans are available in standard belt drive arrangement 9. These fans are designed for use in spraybooth installations, or in a variety of applications where requirements make it necessary to clean the fan periodically. Standard fan accessories include: inlet / outlet cones, inlet bell, screensfor fan, cone, or bell; belt guard, weather proof motor and drive cover, spark resitant fan construction with aluminum wheels, or steel wheels with bronze tipped blades; support legs, suspension clips, shaft seals are also available as standard options.

Spark Resistant X-proof construction on tubeaxial and vaneaxial fans is available in all aluminum airstream (AMCA A) construction; aluminum wheel (AMCA B) construction; and steel wheel with bronze tipped blades and shaft retainer (AMCA C) construction.

High temperature fan construction: upon request Buffalo vaneaxial fans can be furnished with optional high temperature construction for oven exhaust, or combusting gases exhaust applications.

Corrosion resistant construction and chemical duty construction: for corrosive environment all vaneaxial fans are available in FRP construction, as well as in 304 SS, 316 SS, or 316 L stainless steel construction. Special coatings are optional and selection is made based on the application.

Canada Blower VSBD vaneaxial fan is designed for highly corrosive environments and high temperature applications where an aluminum wheel is not suitable. Standard construction can accommodate operation to 200°F (93°C) and can be customized to handle up to 300°F (148°C). Steel construction is standard on this ventilator. The VSBD fan is also available in stainless steel.

Canada Blower VSBD's steel propellers are manufactured with a spun steel hub. Steel fan blades are welded to the hub and can be attached at precise angles ranging from 30° to 50°.

For applications requiring extensive corrosion resistance or operation at higher temperatures than standard, Canada Blower Arrangement 9 VSBD / TSBD fan is the perfect choice. Standard Canada Blower ventilator construction is good for operation to 200°F; fans can be customized to handle up to 300°F. Steel fan construction is standard, all stainless steel construction is available. Driven by either a fixed or adjustable V-belt drive system, the exact point of fan rating can be achieved. A future change in rating can be accomplished through a simple sheave change.

An economical in-line fan design - Canada Blower  Mixed-Flow Fans.
This inline fan design develops static pressure up to 6" WG - 10" WG,  which is a range between true axial (vaneaxial) fan and high-pressure in-line centrifugal fans. The ventilator wheel resembles both axial and centrifugal fan impeller - "mix" of them.  It has an axial design component responsible for high air volume, and a centrifual component for high pressure.
Canada Blower  Mixed Fan sizes are similar to Axial and Tubular-Centrifugal fans, in both belt drive and direct drive fan desings for air volumes up to 100,000 CFM.
All fans are available in spark-resistant construction and with explosion-proof motors.
Available Canada Blower ventilator accessories include features typical for inline fans: inlet & outlet flanges, dampers and guards, shaft seal, high temperature construction, drive guards, various mounting fan arrangements, etc...