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Chicago Blower Heavy Duty Axial fans are available with adjustable pitch blades that are capable of more air delivery for the same horsepower. Fan efficiencies exceeding 70% are common. The primary reason for increased efficiency is Chicago Blower's unique fan blade design. The entire length of the fan blade surface generates air flow, not just the tip alone. The blower air flow is uniform all along the fan blade. Canada Blower Vane Axial fans are specified by architects, engineers and industrial firms world-wide to meet today’s environmental challenges. Canada Blower Vane axial fans are chosen for their reliability, low initial cost and space saving configuration. Canada Blower’s variable air volume fans provide maximum efficiency even in unpredictable environments.

Chicago Blower tubeaxial fans, vaneaxial fans and wall propeller fans are found throughout the world operating in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 15 inches to over 84 inches, and with a variety of blower impeller designs, control systems and layout options, they form a comprehensive series of axial fans to satisfy virtually all industrial air moving applications. The majority of Chicago Blower fans can be grouped into four broad categories: with fixed blade pitch props, with variable fan pitch props and with controlled pitch props. Chicago Blower fans are capable of moving from a few hundred cubic feet per minute, to heavy duty adjustable pitch props with capacities up to 900,000 CFM and with static pressures from 0 " Water Gauge (WG) to 20" " WG.

Chicago Blower axila flow fans are best buy for many industrial air moving blower jobs. Generally, an axial costs considerable less than a quality centrifugal fan delivering the same volume and pressure. They cost less to install since they are lighter, requiring minimum structural support. They can be duct mounted, taking up little space. Direct drive models mean faster start-up and the abscence of V-belt drive and fan bearings lowers maintenance costs.

Adjustable and Controllabel Pitch Vaneaxial Fans feature an adjustable pitch blade wheel that permits matching your pressure/volume requirements exactly, and lets you make on-the-job adjustments to compensate for system changes.

Chicago Blower Tybeaxial Fans have fixed blade wheels in capacities up to 100,000 cfm and to 5" total pressure.



Chicago blower vaneaxial tubeaxial fan ventilators.
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Canada Blower centrifugal fans, often called as blowers, are special type of industrial fans that are ideal for high pressure applications in several process industries and air pollution systems. Centrifugal fans increase the pressure of an incoming airstream by impellers, a series of blades mounted on a circular hub, which in turn accelerates air radially and alters the direction of the outward flowing air, usually by 90°. As centrifugal fans are constant volume devices that create steadier flow of air than axial fans, they are most widely used in various industrial processes such as in transporting air/gas and material handling.

Centrifugal fans are broadly divided into six basic types based on the blade configuration. Each type of Canada Blower centrifugal fan has its own application range and limited ability to perform in the industrial processes.

Some of the basic characteristics of centrifugal fan types are:

Canada Blower Forward Curved Fans

The forward curved centrifugal fans are also called as 'squirrel cage' fans because the wheel type used in this fan is of squirrel cage wheel. The blower impeller has forward blades which are relatively smaller, curved in direction of wheel rotation.

The delicate construction of the blower impeller, shaft, bearings, and fan housing of forward curved fans limit its suitability in industrial applications. These fans are ideal for low speed and low pressure applications such as in domestic furnaces, central station units, packaged air conditioning etc.

Canada Blower Backward Inclined Fans

The backward inclined centrifugal fans offer three standard blade types – flat single thickness, curved single thickness and curved airfoil. The blades are generally heavier and larger than forward curved and move away from the direction of wheel rotation. They produce relatively medium to high airflow at static pressures.

These fans produce highest operating speeds and are found to be more efficient than the other types of centrifugal fans. The backward inclined fans are typically used in low pressure, high volume applications such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Canada Blower Radial Blade Fans

Radial blade centrifugal fans also called as paddle wheel fans, consists of an impeller with multiple equally spaced flat blades that are extending perpendicular to the direction of wheel rotation. The wheel is a paddle type wheel which may or may not contain side rims and the blades are comparatively heavier, deeper and narrower than forward and backward inclined blades.

They produce medium to high pressure and moves relatively a higher mass or volume of fluid. Radial blade types are well suited for material handling and in some moderate pressure industrial ventilation applications.

Canada Blower Airfoil Blade Fans

Airfoil blade fans have hollow backward inclined blades that are suitable to handle large volumes of clean air at low to moderate static pressures. These fans produce optimum efficiency and run at greater speed than the backward inclined fans.

As they can handle large volumes of air, these fans are extensively used in forced and induced draft fans that are suitable for broad operating ranges in industrial applications, HVAC systems, air pollution control, drying & filtration, and other industrial processes.

Canada Blower Radial Tip Fans

The blades of radial tip centrifugal fans have backward curved configuration but cupped in the direction of the wheel rotation. The velocity produced by the Radial tip fan is same as that of backward inclined wheel to move the given mass or volume of air. These fans have compact design than airfoil and backward curved fans and are ideal for high-volume flow rate applications where the pressure requirement is also relatively high.

Radial tip fans have moderate material handling capabilities but are more efficient than radial blade fans. They are generally used in dust collection systems and general ventilation applications.

Canada Blower Company has gone through many years of experience in the design and construction of power roof ventilators.

Canada Blower hooded power roof ventilators are suggested for use in commercial and industrial applications including factories, warehouses and large commercial buildings. There are fan types offering belt and direct driven propellers, exhaust, supply or reversible air movement and filtered supply air. Combinations of these various types can be used and still maintain a uniform and attractive rooftop apperance. The fan hood can be pivoted for roof top access to the fan components.

These hooded roof ventilators are available in wide range of sizes and capacities: with fan blade diameters from 10" to 84" and capacities ranging from 500 CFM to appr. 100,000 CFM. Fans of this type are quite efficient, dependable and require relatively little maintenance.

The Canada Blower Heat and Smoke Removal Canada Blower Power Roof Ventilators are especially designed, built and proven by independent test to meet the need of venting hot gases and smoke in the event of fire in commercial and industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, parking garages, shopping malls and department stores.

Canada Blower VP, Type "P", vaneaxial fan is ideal for installation in hospitals, schools, research labs, fume exhaust systems and high moisture areas. The fan housing is fitted with aerodynamically designed, stationary straightening guide vanes on the air discharge side of the fan propeller. The fventilator guide vanes are welded to both the inner cylinder and the fan housing interior. The vanes function to aid in the elimination of swirl and turbulence downstream of the fan, thereby recovering rotational energy losses, improving efficiency and static pressure capability, and reducing fan noise generation.

The heart of the Canada Blower VP, Type VP fan lies in its propeller. Cast of high strength aluminum alloy, the one-piece fan propeller has been developed to maximize the highest efficiency possible. With the wide range of hub-to-tip ratios available, the VP can fan meet an impressive assortment of air moving requirements.