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Chicago Blower Canada Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial backward curved (BC) fan blower

To cover the widest range of system requirements, Chicago Blower offers a family of airfoil and backwardly curved fan designs with overlapping fan performance envelopes. To maintain high efficiency and maximum economy, the fan  system's pressure and flow requirements are matched to one of eleven wheel blade designs with varying rotor widths and diameters. The selected fan is then sized to exact duty requirements. Fan wheels are available with either Chicago Blower's proven hollow airfoil blades for clean air, or solid backward curved or backward inclined blades for dusty, dirt applications. With eleven blower rotor designs, custom fan sizing and duty matching blades, Chicago Blower builds the fan to meet exact system performance specifications.  Severe duty industrial backward curved blowers are supplied in welded heavy gauge steel construction to prevent flexing at high pressure. Available in direct drive fan arrangements 4/4V/4H/7/8 and belt drive arrangements 1/3/9. BC fans are available in single width single inlet (SWSI), or double width double inlet (DWDI). Capacities: to 500,000 CFM. Static pressure up to 70 inches water gauge depending on the class of construction. Typical class of construction is Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The two most important criteria when specifying a custom heavy-duty fan are efficiency and reliability. Air handling systems are increasing in complexity with the addition of more restrictive emission controls and air cleaning devices. While the results have been a cleaner environment, system pressure requirements have risen significantly. As these requirements increase, greater levels of energy are needed to force the air or gas through the system. Operating efficiency of the fan has become much more critical. Every dollar saved on the purchase of a less efficient fan will be consumed in additional operating costs. Maximum fan efficiency will not only have a positive impact on the bottom line, it will have a positive impact on the environment. Greater fan efficiency results in lower power requirements and fewer natural resources consumed. Efficiency also influences sound levels. The more efficient fan will run quieter than the less efficient fan. The quieter fan will need less sound insulating materials, or none at all.


Canada Blower regenerative blowers can be used for various pressure or vacuum applications. Our regenerative blowers are GREEN, providing continuous oilfree airflow with low noise levels. Blower impellers are dynamically balanced in order to prolong life and minimize wear and tear, reducing maintenance expenses and ensuring inexpensive operating costs. 2-stage side channel blowers utilize two impellers in order to acheive desired pressure and flow, this unit is know as a Dual Stage Regenerative Blower. The regenerative blower impellers and housings are constructed from anti-sparking, highly resistant, cast aluminum in order for our blowers to endure the harshest environments. Our regenerative blowers are CE, UL, ATEX, CSA, ISO9001, and CSA certified.
All of Canada Blower ’ motors come standard with thermistors, devices that automatically shut down operation of the motor when the motor reaches a set temperature. The use of thermistors assists in decreasing continuous motor overload and motor burnout. Canada Blowers’ bearings are sealed bearings as standard. Sealed bearings allow for low maintenance and long lasting life by keeping particulates and unwanted debris out of the bearings. Our blowers are energy efficient, conserving energy by requiring less horsepower to produce greater pressure and flow helping to ensure low running costs.
Performance range of our Single-Stage and Double-Stage Side Channel Blowers now up to 1500 CFM / up tp 10 PSI pressure / vacuum !
Centrifugal Blowers
- Performances to 250,000 CFM @ 130" WG ;
- Airfoil, BI, backward Curved, Radial, Forward Curved, Radial-Tip blower impellers;
- 2-Stage centrifugal pressure blowers for higher pressures.
Multistage Blowers
- Centrifugal multi-stage blowers for high volume & high pressure applications;
- Air volumes to 20,000 CFM, pressures to 35 PSIG ;
- Up to 10 individual stages.
Blowers in Series
- Super high pressure regenerative and rotary lobe blowers in series;
- High volume centrifugal blowers in series for higher CFMs;
- High temperature together with high pressure applications.
Rotary Lobe PD Blowers
- Up to 3,000 CFM @ 15 PSIG in single stage;
- 2-stage models for up to 25 PSIG pressure;
- High temperature models with heat exchangers between stages.
Industrial & OEM Centrifugal & Axial Fans & Blowers
- Up to 200,000 CFM to 4 PSIG pressure, to 1000 F operating temperature;
- Abrasion resistant, explosion proof, fiberglass & stainless steel models;
- Material handling fans; combustion pressure blowers .
High Temperature Fans
- Super high temperature (to 2,200 F ) centrifugal and axial fans & blowers;
- Oven plug fans and air-kits;
- High temperature and high pressure radial blowers.