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Industrial backward inclined (BI) fan blower

Chicago Blower SQB Type "B" fan wheel has backward inclined blades designed to handle corrosive or dusty airstreams. Typical fan applications include: oven circulating fans, dust collector exhaust fans, fume exhaust ventilators and emissions control fan systems. Since the ventilator blades are solid steel, the "B" wheel is ideal for custom applied corrosion resistent coatings. The SQB fan is also suited for high temperature gasses and air to 650°. For greater safety in explosive environments, spark resistant ventilator construction is offered. The versatile SQB blower is furnished in 14 sizes in Arrangements 1, 9 or 9H and in three classes of construction.

Chicago Blower's SQB blower is regarded as a high performance, trouble free fan proven in a myriad of industrial air moving applications. With its backward inclined wheel blades and square fan housing design, the SQB ventilator is efficient, economical and versatile. It is also quickly available through Chicago's Stock Fan program. "Packaged" fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQB fan can substantially reduce overall installation cost.

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Intended to minimize the potential for any two or more fan components to generate sparks within the airstream by rubbing or striking during operation. The following types are available:
AMCA A [AIRSTREAM] SRC: To include all airstream parts constructed of a spark resistant alloy... maximum temperature: 200°F.
AMCA B [WHEEL] SRC: To include the fan wheel constructed of a spark-resistant alloy and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening...maximum temperature: 200° F.
AMCA C [BUFFER] SRC: To include a spark-resistant alloy buffer affixed to the housing interior adjacent to the wheel backplate, a spark-resistant alloy inlet cone, and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening... maximum temperature: 650°F.
ALL TYPES SRC: Fan is to be so constructed such that no bearings, drive components, or electrical apparatus are located in the airstream... the user must electrically ground all fan and system components.