Industrial high pressure blowers, centrifugal and axial fans, high temperature ventilators. Sales of industrial roof and wall exhaust and supply fan blowers, radial blower fans, vaneaxial ventilators.
Chicago Blower Canada Mixflow Fan and Blower

Quick supply of idustrial axial fans, air circulation ventilators, warehouse ventilators, high volume ventilation fans, hot air ventilation fans, industrial exhaust fans, portable industrial blowers, garage ventilators, PRV roof fans, explosion proof pressure blowers, wall ventilators, fan wheel blades, combustion pressure blowers, pvc ventilators, ID fans, FD fans, force draft ventilators, induse draft blowers, propylene & FRP PVC ventilators, spark-resistant blowers, sealed ventilators, dust collector ventilators & fans. Heavy duty custom built industrial and process fans blowers and blowing systems in Buffalo, New York. Sales of Chicago Blower, Canada corrosion resistant, high pressure and high temperature sealed fan/blower ventilators
Air fans, blowers and ventilators for industrial plants from Buffalo, New York. Sales of industrial axial power roof and wall ventilators, exhaust and supply centrifugal spun aluminum fans and blowers.
Canada Blower Industrial Type C Wall Exhaust Fans are:
- general ventilation fans designed for use in commercial and industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, garages;
- Canada Blower unique Stationary Shaft Assembly with permanently sealed & lubricated bearings ensures bearings life 300,000 hrs;
- galvanizeshood and housing;
- six-blade die-fromed steel industrial duty rigid fan propeller assembly;
- various Canada Blower ventilator accessories available: explosion proof construction; wall housing; backdraft, manual and motorized dampers; safety guards; weather hoods; etc...