Industrial heat exchangers, heating and cooling finned coils. Heavy-duty OEM heat exchangers and process duty coils.
Chicago Blower Canada Fan and BlowerIndustrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

                                                    Industrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

Canada Blower Company is a Distributor of industrial process and commerical ventilation equipment. Canada Blower fans are known for the highest industrial duty quality and reliability for many years across North America.

Heat transfer finned coils for a variety of applications. We will build a coil to your design or you can tell us your requirement and we will design it using our computerized coil selection programs.

We specialize in rapid delivery of replacement coils.
Fluid (Cooling & Heating) Coils
Chilled or hot water / glycol coils suited to a wide variety of applications - from commercial HVAC to industrial preocesses.
Steam Coils
Constructed with heavy wall copper tubing
Evaporator Coils
Induvudually designed to optimize performance on air conditioning or high to medium temperature refrigeration applications.
Condencer / Heat Reclaim Coils
Designed to handle your condencing or heat reclaim requirements.
Special Coils
For your special applications or a "one-of-a-kind" replacement.
Corrugated, die formed tempered aluminum. Various fin spacings available.
Coil Tubes
1/2" OD x 0.018" or 0.028" wall; or 5/8" OD x 0.020" wall seamless copper tubing.
Heavy wall seamless copper tubing - sozed to the application or to match an existing coil.
18 gauge G90 galvanized steel; configured to each application.