Industrial heat exchangers, heating and cooling finned coils. Heavy-duty OEM heat exchangers and process duty coils.
Chicago Blower Canada Fan and BlowerIndustrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

                                                    Industrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

Canada Blower Company is a Distributor of industrial process and commerical ventilation equipment. Canada Blower fans are known for the highest industrial duty quality and reliability for many years across North America.

Canada Blower CUBA / CUDA Up-Blast Power Roof Ventilators are quiet, dependable roof exhaust fans for removal of grease-laden air from kitchen exhaust systems and general ventilation applications where vertical discharge of exhaust air is required.

The advantages of Canada Blower CUBA belt driven fan over a direct driven CUDA fan include quieter operation, adjustable performance to suit operating needs and extended service life using the C-Drive sealed permanently lubricated bearings arrangement with L-10 bearings life in excess of 1,000,000 hours.

The CUBA fan meets the rigorous requirements of UL-762 ventilation standard and is suitable for the extraction of grease-laden air and fumes from range exhaust hoods and commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The CUBA fans are recommended for economical and efficient range hood ventilation where continuous operation under severe conditions may cause other power roof ventilators to fail.

Canada Blower CUBA / CUDA Fan models feature a housing of durable spun aluminum for optimum weather protection.